About the Clean Capitalist Coalition

The Clean Capitalist Coalition is a group of policy institutes, advocacy organizations, scholars and experts working together to explore and develop innovative policy ideas that reduce barriers to clean free enterprise and conservation, to reduce pollution while increasing inclusive prosperity and freedom. The coalition builds off of the laissez-faire policy principles that shaped modern capitalism, as applied to the most harmless and beneficial of solutions that reduce or eliminate pollution. So for these most beneficial activities:

  • Remove regulatory, tax, and trade barriers to increase market participation and competition by large and small businesses and individuals.
  • Establish and maintain a level playing-field.
  • Expand economic rights and freedoms.
  • Build a bigger, more powerful, more open, global clean free market.
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  • Earth and Water Law Group
  • Ocean Recovery Alliance/Plasticity Forum


  • Michael A. Mehling, Deputy Director, MIT Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research (MIT CEEPR)
  • Brent Fewell, Earth and Water Law Group
  • Jeff Kupfer, Earth and Water Law Group
  • Wayne Winegarden, PhD, Senior Fellow in Business & Economics, Pacific Research Institute (PRI)
  • Meredith Walker, Chief Economist, EarthX

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